BT Redcare

Redcare GSM is a Grade 4 signalling system and offers the highest level of protection you can buy. The BT phone line on which your Redcare GSM operates is monitored constantly and if the line is cut or there is a fault on the line this is signalled to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) within just 40 seconds.

Every two minutes Redcare GSM also checks that the alarm on your property is working, adding another level of security to your alarm system. In the event of an alarm sensor being triggered in your property, it takes just a few seconds for the ARC to be alerted. If this is confirmed by a second zone being triggered, then your ARC can legitimately contact the emergency services and dispatch them to secure your property.

Redcare GSM also benefits from being a 'dual path' system. The main BT telephone line on which Redcare GSM operates is the 'primary path'. Redcare GSM also provides the reassurance of a back up link, a 'secondary path', that uses the mobile phone network to communicate with the ARC if, for whatever reason, the primary path fails. You therefore have the additional peace of mind that comes from knowing if intruders enter your property, a signal will quickly be sent to the ARC, and the emergency services alerted